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Dolphin Run 2022

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Dolphin Run 2022 starts
On 13 February 2022 08:00:00


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 The Dolphin run is an out-and-back course on the Esplanade at Semaphore, along the Coast Park. It’s a great way to start the running year for the whole family! And you really might see dolphins!

  • Finisher Medal (if you pay for this option $10)
  • Electronic Timing & Certificate
  • Age Category Awards
  • Drink stations
  • Finish Line / Post Event Experience


8:00am: 10km START
8:10am: 5km START
9:00am: Winners presentations
9:15am: Kids run (immediately after presentations to winners)
9:30am: Age Category Awards

SARRC's Covid Management Plan for the Dolphin Run requires all participants to maximise social distancing. This impacts how you will start, how your time will be recorded and how placings will be calculated.

Essentially your event will become a time trial where your own precise start and finish times will determine your overall time and all resultant placings.

Starters in all events will be given a “Trickle” or “Wave” start time (WST) in advance so they can arrive and start with minimal waiting.



  • Check your entry details from Friday 11 February using this online results link: (TBA) The bib has an electronic timing tag on the back linked to you and the race you have entered, so you cannot use someone else's bib. Notify officials at bib pick-up if any of your entry information needs changing eg if you are changing races. Note your WST and write it on your bib using a waterproof marker so it stands out. These times represent time of day. You can also write your name on your bib if you wish.


  • Attach the bib at WAIST HEIGHT (NOT chest!) to the OUTSIDE FRONT of whatever you will be wearing. Do not bend or fold the tag or tamper with it. Please arrive with only enough time to prepare for your start, so 30 minutes or less beforehand. The start and finish lines are at the same location on Point Malcolm Reserve, and will be marked by an inflatable arch with 3 start chutes extending under it. You will enter one of the 3 start chutes from the east end, and in order according to the WST on your bib. Please help officials by checking bibs around you and letting those with an earlier WST go first. Once in the start chutes, stand in the middle to keep 1.5m distance from others and level with the crowd control barrier joins. When you reach the front, you will be started three at a time, approximately 10 seconds after the previous wave & 5-10m from the start timing mat. Your actual start time will be when you run across the mat. Nothing can cover or be lower than your bib eg your hands as you operate a watch, a nutrition belt, clothing or anything else. All of these can be HIGHER than the bib. All finishers will cross the timing mats under the arch and exit the finish chute to the left. Early 5k finishers must look out for 10k runners who might still be starting. You must notify Timing Officials at the finish line: If you cut the course short (for example by taking a shortcut), as we may inadvertently think you have won the race; If you lose your race number bib during the race; If you pull out of your race before finishing. Please check the event website for times of any award presentations, otherwise you should leave as soon as possible after finishing. Remember to check your results online where you can send provisional results and placings to your friends on social media.


  • After finish line video has been uploaded, re-visit the results page to get a link to your finish moment.
  • All results will be “Provisional” until 6pm Wednesday after the event, after which they will be “Final”. Queries must be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before this time.
  • You can then download your Official Results Certificate. All your previous SARRC event results and certificates since 2010 are also available at the SARRC Results page.

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ENTRANTS HANDBOOK (2020 version) can be downloaded here.


Photos will be crowd sourced only and will be available on our Photo Gallery @ SmugMug. If any support teams or spectators take any photos on the day, please upload these for all to see. Follow this link to upload your photos


Medals are now a $10 option (so reduction in fee has been applied)

Fee Type
Super Early Bird
until 1159PM
Early Bird
until 1159PM
until 1159PM
Manual Late EntryPrice
SARRC Member Run-5.00km $15.40 $18.70 $22.00 Same as General
General Run-5.00km $21.00 $25.50 $30.00 $40.00
Youth (12-17yrs) Run-5.00km $15.40 $18.70 $22.00 $32.00
Under 12 (5-11yrs) Run-5.00km $9.80 $11.90 $14.00 $24.00
Medal Run-5.00km $10.00 $10.00 $10.00 $10.00
SARRC Member Run-10.00km $26.60 $32.30 $38.00 Same as General
General Run-10.00km $35.00 $42.50 $50.00 $60.00
Youth (12-17yrs) Run-10.00km $26.60 $32.30 $38.00 $48.00
Medal Run-10.00km $10.00 $10.00 $10.00 $10.00

NOTE: Members usually get 20% Discount off General Fees on all events CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!




5.00km race
Has -6
Medals left.
10.00km race
Has -24
Medals left.

Note: We have capped medals for this event. When the cap is reached, the medal option will be removed and subsequant entries will NOT receive a medal at the conclusion of the event. (See above for remaining medals). Best get your entry in sooner than later. 

2022 Run Medal (Optional)

2022 dophin medal   web










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