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Due to some unforeseen circumstances there was some delay in some sections of the course on receiving water at the aid stations.We understand the importance and expectation of the aid stations and we sincerely apologise for not being able to provide this today for some of our participants.We’ve communicated with our supplier and ensure it wont occur again.Thank you for understanding - we hope this doesn’t impact how enjoyable the Greenbelt Challenge was for you.Thanks, SARRC Team ... See MoreSee Less

Due to some unforeseen circumstances there was some delay in some sections of the course on receiving water at the aid stations.

We understand the importance and expectation of the aid stations and we sincerely apologise for not being able to provide this today for some of our participants.

We’ve communicated with our supplier and ensure it wont occur again.

Thank you for understanding - we hope this doesn’t impact how enjoyable the Greenbelt Challenge was for you.



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I was a mid to back packer and there was 1 station without water that I went through. Beautiful scenery, near perfect weather, friendly volunteers, seamless bus service, and many drink taps along the route. Thanks for a great event 😊

Woah, tough crowd to please! I did the 30km, and had a great morning - I loved the event. There were a few hiccups, but I also understand how hard these events can be to organise. First world problems 😂 Thanks for a great event South Australian Road Runners Club!

Also very disappointed with the organisation of this event, which we had looked forward to doing. No toilets at the start, no water for 12k, what on earth did my family of 3 pay $240 for???? It’s such a beautiful track, the weather was perfect, and should have been a fun and uplifting experience. Looking forward to hearing from the organisers about this or we will not be doing any more SARRC events.

Brilliant event overall. Unfortunately this situation affected a lot of people and has had some negative ramifications for both runners and organisers. I'm sure it is a mistake that will never happen again and the great team at SARRC will take the appropriate action. I have a lot of respect for the poor volunteers who still stood by their respective water stations, offering encouragement and attempted to explain the issue while receiving some pretty significant abuse from a number of runners. These people gave up their time for our run this morning, and didn't deserve to be treated in such an appalling manner. I just wanted to take the time to thank all of the volunteers who allowed today to be an incredibly enjoyable event for most of us, and particularly those who remained supportive and offered encouragement despite receiving negative and colourful "advice" for something completely out of their control. 👏👏👏

Really disappointing given the price of registration..one water station for 17kms is not good enough..I felt sorry for the poor volunteers having to explain to runners that they needed to find a tap..! I had my hydration vest on, but to expect people to run 30KMS with virtually no hydration is irresponsible..then a sad apple and half a cup of water at the end to refuel..? I heard that some finishers didn’t even get medals and were just given a ribbon. Where does the money go..? I’ve been supporting SARRC for years but after sending an email over 6 weeks ago and just getting a response this week, then today’s shambles, I don’t know that I’ll be running many more..time to look elsewhere..we had plenty of loos at the start and it’s a great course..I’m also so glad the weather was kind to us..

Appreciate that, But for the HM runners there was no water for the first 10KM! Per the advice provided that’s 4 stations unaided. That’s a little more than oversight .

First and last time doing the Greenbelt I'm afraid. Delayed start due to no toilets, no water stations until after the halfway mark in the half marathon and I was still over 300 metres short on the distance. I really don't see where the $70 entry fee goes when you also need minimum marshalling and no road closures.

Had a great run and enjoyed it. Though I carried my own fluids and went to the toilet before I left so luckily avoided any of the drama that may have made it otherwise

To be honest, no water for 11km does impact on enjoyment! There wasnt any water at the start line and after waiting for 45mins for the one toilet (gave up and went “bush”) there was no time to go back to the car for water. It was a shame as the course is beautiful. Sarrc events are getting worse each time, not sure where all the money goes given volunteers do alot of the jobs.

According to my Strava (not sure how accurate) the 5km was 5.4km today! The km markers were definitely wrong. Not a huge deal, but still a paid event.

Wondering if I did the same event. I did the 30km and there was water a few km in and every few kms a friendly volunteer with plenty of water. Sounds like the 30 was easier than the 1/2 this time around

30km was perfect... just a little bit too far 🤣🤣🤣

Wow. Once again the SARRC can't get it right as these sort of issues have been festering for years. Having run in numeorus events across Australia & the UK i've often wondered where all the entry money goes. I ran the event in 2015 (Hills to Henley) and they didn't even have a finishers medal. Seems crazy to think that for a similar entry fee at the Gold Coast HM all runners received a finishers medal, finishers t-shirt, hydration every 2.5km, free travel to & from the event as well as entry to the expo. (In fact all events from the Marathon down to the 5.7km had the same) If you're after running in a well organised local event then definitely consider running in the Bravehearts events.

Not impressed. The advertising said 8am start, we didn’t start the half marathon until 8.10am, couldn’t hear the before race announcement as no microphone, AND NO WATER until 11km mark, that is over half way. Completely unacceptable considering all advise was water every 2.5km. Really stressed me out and upset my rhythm, got cramps towards the end as a result of lack of water. Seriously wonder what I paid $70 for, so tempted to ask for refund as I didn’t get what was advertised. Personally, more action should have been taken to rectify problem sooner so runners weren’t caught without water. Not happy.

Also totally unacceptable to have not organised toilet facilities at the half marathon start - felt especially bad for many of my female running friends. Simply not good enough.

The organisation of this event sounded like a farce. Maybe a discount to all participants for McLaren Vale to compensate and have a word with the team at Great Southern Run about how to organise a running festival.

What a very poorly organised event, no toilets at the start line no water for the first 10km, sarrc should refund all the 21km and 30km athletes for the lack of water and amenities, where does all the money go????? We want a better explanation of why this happened, and dont blame your suppliers there were plenty of servos open, refund or free entry to the next event👍

No toilets at the start line and no water till 11km 😏, how does this happen? Late start time and the distance wasn’t even a full 21.1km start to finish. Trail SA events seem much more organised than this and cost a quarter of the price to enter. Sorry, I don’t mean to whinge but these are easy things to get right I would have thought. On the plus side the course was beautiful.

3 drink stations without water after the 15km mark; ...10km without water Lucky I didn’t collapse, but I know mistakes happen Overall the event was well put together

We had plenty of toilets at the 30km start, but it was disappointing that several aid stations had nothing.

Was the half marathon course 180 metres short?

This event was so poorly organised. Runners doing the half had one public toilet. Which had faeces on the walls and floor. Filthy. The line was so long, runners male and female were using bushes!! Then no water for 11km! NOT good enough SARRC!!! Complete JOKE SARRC!!! FURTHERMORE 100% off people I spoke to agreed the distance was off!!! I think you should be refunding people's money!!

A change in Governance is not always a good thing. Progression and not Regression is what's needed..

This happens in races, it’s not the end of the world. In the ADELAIDE mara our drinks weren’t out until 16km in 2018, but everyone lived. I raced in Scotland in 2017 in a half mara (paid 30 pounds) and they had one drink station which blew over in the wind.... they didn’t shut the roads, just told the locals to drive a bit slower and give space to the runners... no one whinged. They ran their race, thanked the volunteers and went to the town hall to drink whiskey after to celebrate the opportunity to run a ‘FUN RUN’.....

Very disappointing, if it was a free event then it wouldn’t be an issue, but what does the entry fee actually cover??? Toilet situation is just ridiculous, seriously one toilet ??? , and no water at the stations until 11km, surely it can’t be that difficult to co ordinate. May reconsider doing any SARRC runs again. 😡

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Each event our volunteers go above and beyond! A huge thank you must go out to all the vollies who have made today possible and enjoyable for everyone! YOU ARE AMAZING!#SARRC #Greenbelt ... See MoreSee Less

Each event our volunteers go above and beyond! 

A huge thank you must go out to all the vollies who have made today possible and enjoyable for everyone! YOU ARE AMAZING!

#SARRC #Greenbelt


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Thanks heaps vollies.....another great day 👍👍

The volunteers held this event together yesterday in tough circumstances. Thank you for being the string to tie us all together and for being strong enough to stop it all from falling apart. Your encouragement and kind words really did make all the difference to an otherwise hard day at the office. Thank you all.

Thanks volunteers 😊

Thank you volunteers 👍

BIG THANK YOU to all the Volunteers you did an awesome job again 👏👏👍

Thank you volunteers 🏅

Thanks to everyone involved, another great event!

Thank you to the volunteers, also appreciative of the time you give 👍🏼

Thanks Vollies!

Thanks to all the volunteers. Love hearing your cheering for us all xxx

Thanx for the opportunity to volunteer, met an awesome bunch of runners at the 30k start point and had a lot of fun......anytime 😊

Thanks. Events don't happrn without volunteers. Always appreciated.

Huge thanks guys and appreciate you giving up your time. Logistical issues out of your control. Thank you for your encouragement

Thank you!!

A big thanks to the army of volunteers who looked after us on our Greenbelt Challenge today. 🥇🥇🥇🖐️

A huge thanks to vols and event organisers. Such a fun morning. Big thanks to the competitor who shared his Lolly snakes too

Thanks to the volunteers..we couldn’t do it without them 👍👍

Twas the next best thing to actually running, getting close to your effort and pain was awesome, plan to be with you all next year - injury free 🤞

Thanks guys so much for letting us do this run we couldnt do it with out u guys

Thanks muchly

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