Andrew Cassetti - Club President
Andrew Cassetti 2011
After weighing in at 131kgs in 2008, Andrew started a journey to regain his health and fitness. Over the next two years he lost over 45kgs and attributes much of that to running. Having completed his first marathon in 2011 (Adelaide), he travelled to New York as part of the Little Heroes Foundation team in November 2012 to run the New York Marathon. Although the event was cancelled, the team were able to volunteer some time toward the clean up effort. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Mgmt and Mkting) from the University of Adelaide and has worked in the telecommunications industry since graduating in 2004.

Blake Tooth - Club Vice President
Blake Tooth 2011
Blake joined SARRC in 2010 to find the motivation, support and information to run his first marathon. Discovering a lack of speed, but plenty of stamina, he has developed a keen interest in trail running and goals for 2012 include the North Face 100.
His main area of interest is in continuing to promote and grow trail running in South Australia, as well as encouraging more people to have a go at running in distance events generally.
Blake has just completed a PhD in chemistry; but previous studies include commerce as well as science, and he has just left the laboratory to take on a career in financial planning.

Jess Telford -Treasurer


Jess joined SARRC as a start runner in July 2009. Since that time, she has joined the board as our treasurer, taken on start running instructing on Wednesday nights, run in two half marathons, and volunteered at a number of our events. In 2013, Jess has enrolled in the Marathon Mentor Program and is looking forward to running 42.2km under our Coach Chris Taylor's guidance.

Jess is a Senior Manager and a qualified Chartered Accountant at Perks Integrated Business Services. When she is not in the office you will find her running the streets of Adelaide. 
Dr Kathy Brady- Secretary
Kathy Brady 2012

Kathy first joined SARRC in 1986. She has been a road runner for the last 30 years – though there have been times when small intermissions were needed due to work and family commitment. Kathy has completed 15 half marathons but always thought a marathon to be beyond her capabilities. That was until 2012 when she completed her first marathon. The time? It doesn't matter. Just crossing the line having covered the distance was achievement enough. Kathy fills the hours between running and gym sessions in her job at Flinders University as the Head of the Student Learning Centre.

Dr Doug Kewley
Doug Kewley 2011
Doug "once a rocket scientist" spent over 30 years working in Science and Technology for foreign intelligence and weapons research agencies. He was a senior executive with the Defence Science and Technology Organisation, having spent time in the past working in both the UK, USA and Germany. He left in Jan 2010.
He has been a member of the South Australian Road Runners club for 29 years. During this time he has completed 97 marathons, winning 5 outright. Having completed 25 Adelaide marathons (Legend 09) he hopes in the future to get to 26 as well as a grand total of 100 in August 2013. He has also run ultras with a 24hr PB of 186km in 2013.
He is currently the SARRC Saturday Morning speed session coach. During the past few years he has been concentrating on moving the club forward by development of real-time electronic timing, the mass email system, the race databases, the club email server and upgrading the club web sites.

Sophie Hastwell
Sophie joined SARRC in the start running classes after many mornings of waiting for her husband to finish running races. She now competes in short distance events.
Sophie has been a board member since April 2011 and has a keen interest in promoting and advancing the clubs public profile.
Sophie has worked in Public Relations and media industry since 2007.

Branko Majeric
Branko Majeric1
Branko has worked in the IT industry as a contractor for over 25 years predominately in the automotive industry; he has also dabbled in property development. He started running in early 2008 at the suggestion of a good friend. At the time having trouble with knees, wearing orthotics and the thought of running 200 metres was too ambitious. Several months later, his friend spoke about SARRC, and the importance of running well with the support and encouragement of like-minded people. Joining in July 2008, becoming a Start Runner Instructor in 2010 and came to complete his first marathon in 2011. His aim is to help other people realise the benefits and enjoyment of running in a race or just with friends.

Lorna Starrs
Lorna Starrs2012
Lorna has been a member of SARRC for approximately 7 - 8 years, after taking up running as a way to lose weight and keep fit. She's run numerous half-marathons, two full marathons, and this year undertook her first ultra-marathon when she tackled the Yurrebilla Trail.

Gregory Jenkins (Greg)
Greg Jenkins 2012
Greg took up running in 1998 and joined SARRC in 2011 after taking part in the informal Sunday trail runs. His preferred events are middle to long distance trail runs, and middle to marathon distance on the roads. His maximum event distance to late 2012 was the 56km of Yurrebilla, and his intention is to expand to greater distances.
His aims in SARRC are to demonstrate the enjoyment and benefits of running to others, and to ensure that the club grows in profile and respect as a well run and sustainable organisation with some events recognised to at least national level.
He is a geologist, a profession which until recent years involved much scrambling around remote and rough bush country, and which led to a great deal of respect for country and love of the bush. Being desk-bound for well over a decade created a need to get out into the bush again - fast (although not as fast as many) and on foot turned out to be the most healthy and enjoyable way to go.

Tory Toogood
Tory Toogood 2012
Tory began running in 2011 with the aim of completing the NY marathon for the Jodi Lee Foundation.  She met another runner who was aiming to run a marathon on each of the 7 continents, and has decided on the same goal herself with North America (NY), Asia (Great Wall marathon) and Australia (Adelaide) now complete.  She is a physio in private practice at Vital Core Physiotherapy, and member of Sports Medicine Australia and the Continence Foundation of Australia.  She loves being able to help people reach their health and fitness goals through her work, advocating a sensible approach to avoid injury, whilst still aiming high.  Tory was a member of the Australian Rowing Team 1991 - 1996, has lived and worked at the Australian Institute of Sport and worked and trained with the SA Sports Institute.

Heather Van Erp
Heather Van Erp 2012
I came to running later than most and my original goal was just to run 1km, then 5km, and if I can run 5km surely 10km is achievable? Once you have run 10km then the next 'logical' step has to be a ½ and then come the trail runs and people start saying the 'Yurrebilla' word.... Before I could stop myself my mouth had said yes and once the words were out, there was no turning back.....

A relatively new runner, 2012 has been a peak year for me, culminating in completing the Yurrebilla ultra... The formation of the Southern Running Group has been a big influence and support and helped push my running goals to places I never would have imagined.

I have made many friendships through running with SRG and SARRC and although I will never be a "fast" runner I have a special interest in encouraging other "not fast" runners to achieve what they did not think they were capable of (as I have).

I am a person who will have a go at most things, have a good sense of humour, an interesting and varied career, a very nice motorcycle, a very patient husband, two grown up kids, and 4 and a bit grandchildren, but please do not expect me to act my age.....

David Mitchell
D Mitchell 2012
I commenced regular running in 2005 when I participated in a SARRC Start running program. I went on to complete my first Half Marathon the following year. In 2011 I started trail running and completed the Yurrebilla 56k Ultra as well as my first Adelaide marathon and backed these up in 2012 and added the Heyson 105 Ultra.

I have previously assisted with the Start Running program in Goodwood and am now looking forward to co-ordinating a Start Runners program  in Christies Beach, in conjunction with the Southern Running group.

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21 Jul 2024
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Yurrebilla 56K Ultra 2024 Training Run #2
28 Jul 2024
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Hills to Henley
18 Aug 2024
08:00AM - 01:00PM
Yurrebilla 56K Ultra 2024 Training Run #3

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