Start Running – Goodwood

Start Running – Goodwood

Start Running Classes in Goodwood are coordinated over 10 weeks, where you will be introduced or re-introduced to the world of running with a goal of completing a 5-10Km run by the end of the program. Each 10-week session will feature training to prepare all new runners for a SARRC event. Whether your goal is to run a kilometre non-stop, run your first race or looking to start running again after taking a break, you'll find a welcoming team atmosphere that encourages you to pursue your goals and have fun along the way!

SARRC's experienced coaches and instructors will support and encourage you to achieve your running goals. Training sessions will take you through the fundamentals of running an start with easy jogging to slowly build up your running skills each week.

The Start Running Classes offer a great coaching, encouragement and team camaraderie along with inspiration that comes from running with others.

Class Trainers

Rob Robinson

To register contact: SARRC Office [email protected] or 08 7006 3203