Start Running – Goodwood

Start Running – Goodwood

Start Running Goodwood Classes commence at Soutar Park, Goodwood at 55-63 Albert St, Goodwood SA 5034 on Saturdays at 7.45am.


Welcome to the Goodwood Runners. We are based out of Soutar Park, Albert St, Goodwood. 

Our Start Runners program provides a supportive, inclusive and non-judgmental environment to assist new and returning runners. Our aim is to help you to achieve your running goals – whatever these might be, eg improve self-confidence, have some much-needed ‘me’ time, run your first km without stopping, or work up to running 5 or 10kms. The group is led by Rob, Karen and Angela, and we meet at 7.45am Saturday mornings. 

In addition to the Start Runners program, we have two other weekly runs that leave from Soutar Park. 

· 6km loop, 7am on Saturday morning, and arrives back to Soutar Park prior to the Start Runners program. 

· 5km run that leaves at 6.15am on Wednesday mornings, and is at a pace that is comfortable for Start Runners. 

Our group has just two rules: 

· We leave no runner behind. If you are new to running, you will never be left alone ‘down the back.’ 

· We don’t allow the words ‘just’ or ‘only.’ We believe that everyone’s running achievements should be equally celebrated. 

We are a highly social group. We are easy to spot at running events in our distinct ‘Goodwood Green’ running tops. We are sponsored by Trouble and Strife on Goodwood Road, where we meet for breakfast after our Saturday run. 


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Start Running Goodwood Term Dates

Term 1: Sunday 7th January 2019 – Sunday 31st March 2019

Term 2: Sunday 7th April 2019 – Sunday 30th June 2019

Term 3: Saturday 13th July 2019 – Saturday 29th September 2019

Term 4: Saturday 14th October 2019 – Sunday 22nd December 2019 (11 week term)


Class Trainer

Rob, Karen, Angela