South Terrace Run

South Terrace Run

Where: Clubrooms at the corner of Peacock Road and South Terrace, Adelaide 5000


When: Departs at 5.30pm sharp


Distances – Walking group from 4 to 6kms; Running group from 8 to 15kms. All welcome, regardless of ability. We have a regular walking group of around 8 persons; and a regular running group of around 12 persons. We meet at the clubrooms to leave our bags and belongings. The clubroom will be locked while we are out. Running route for the day will be chosen at random from 10 runs. The planned routes vary from hilly runs (e.g. to Beaumont Common and back, to Springbank Road and back) to flat-terrain running (e.g. around Walkerville). Copies of map for the run of the day are available for new runners. All runners (and walkers) run (and walk) at their own pace, ability and are free to run (walk) a shorter distance or the full route. Runners (walkers) gather at the clubroom after the run (walk) and collect their belongings. After the run or walk, drinks and/or dinner is optional at Pasta Brava (corner South Terrace and Pulteney Street)

Group Leaders

Chris Lim

Contact Chris: 0415 836 706