2020 Current Standings are here

SARRC 2020 CLUB CHAMPS (CC) – Points score and rules  (where to find them PDF)

  • SARRC will recognise 2020 Club Champions in the following age groups: Under 12 years, 12-14, 15-17, 18-19, 20-29 and then 10 year age groups etc. to whatever age the oldest runner will be.
  • Members will be awarded points based on their AGE GROUP NET TIME FINISH POSITION at:
    1. Dolphin Run
    2. Clare Valley events
    3. Adelaide Marathon Festival
    4. Greenbelt Challenge
    5. Barossa Marathon Festival
    6. McLaren Vale events
    7. Glenelg Classic
  • Points will be awarded to SARRC members only
  • A member’s highest 4 points scores will count, and a minimum of 4 races must be finished for a member to be eligible
  • Age groups will be determined by age as of the day of the first event i.e. 9/2/20
  • Points will be awarded to all finishers as follows:
    1. After results have been proclaimed “FINAL”
    2. Using these points scores
Age group position Longest race e.g.


Next longest e.g.

Half Marathon

Next longest e.g.


Next longest e.g.


1 40 30 20 10
2 36 27 18 9
3 32 24 16 8
4 28 21 14 7
5 24 18 12 6
6 20 15 10 5
7 16 12 8 4
8 12 9 6 3
9 8 6 4 2
10 4 3 2 1
11 & onwards 1 1 1 1
    • Points scores will be applied to the longest race first and then in sequence so if there are only 3 races for example, the lowest points score above would not be used.
    • Members must be financial before online entries close for an event in order to be eligible to receive points at that event
  • Points will be published as follows:
    1. The online results for each race will have 2 extra columns:
      1. “TCS & CC Cats” showing each finisher’s category if the event is also a Triple Crown Series (TCS) event OR “CC Cat” if the event is just a CC event
      2. “CC Points” showing each finisher’s Club Championship points for that race
    2. The SARRC website will have a downloadable file of accumulated results after each event.
  • Entrants will be matched across events in the series using their name, gender and date of birth, so all of these must remain the same when entering events or duplicates will be created e.g. Dave Smith and David Smith will create two championship entrants and points will not be totaled for the one person
  • If there is a tie after the seven events, a countback system will be undertaken with the member ranking in a higher place in the most races declared the winner. Should a tie still exist after this initial calculation a finish percentage position across all events will be undertaken with the lowest total declared the winner e.g. member A finish 1st & 5 people in gender age group = 20%, member B finish 1st & 6 people in gender age group = 17%, member B would win. If still unable to separate following these 2 calculations, a tie will be declared for that age group.
  • Feedback on the CC, including ideas for improving it in future should be emailed to SARRC and copied to [email protected]