SARRC 2020 TRIPLE CROWN SERIES (TCS) – Points score and rules

SARRC will recognize 2020 Triple Crown Series Winners across 3 distances and in age groups. To be eligible to be crowned the 2020 Triple Crown Series winner for your age group you must have finished the same distance at all 3 Triple Crown Events in Clare, Greenbelt & McLaren Vale.

Taking into account SARRC’s “minimum ages” policy, Triple Crown Series awards will, therefore, be allocated to both genders in these age groups. 80 years and older will be added if there are any finishers:

Age groups will be determined by 3/3/19

Finishers will be awarded points based on their AGE GROUP NET TIME FINISH POSITION

Points will be awarded to all finishers as follows:
1. After results have been proclaimed “FINAL”
3. Using these points scores