2021 Current Standings are here


The number of events depends each year. This year its Dolphin, Clare Valley, Barossa, Greenbelt, Adelaide, McLaren Vale and Glenelg Classic. Yurrebilla is omitted as it has no shorter events and its unscalable properly due to being a trail not road.

All members can enter all or a just a few to be included. Must be a member on event day.

For convenience 100 points maximum for each events for each section – participation, podium and age performance. This makes 300 the maximum total score.

(1) Participation

Do all events and get 100 points, do less then you get instead 100 times (entered events) divided by (total possible events) .

Participation Points = 100*(entered events)/(total possible events)

(2) Podium

Maximum is 100 (for one or many events) so its not scored by participation.

A simple method for one event podium points is use 10*(11-podium rank) or at least 0 points. Hence the top 10 get a point then nobody gets a point after that.

NOTE: This is used for Triple Crown 10K then added more or less for up and down km races.

A fairer method is to increase the depth from 10 to 100 finishers getting points but these are now decimals.

Then everyone gets 101-(podium rank) or at least 0 points. No negative points!

For multiple entered events just use the average podium rank (sum of of all entered event podium ranks divided by total entered events)
Podium Points = (101-(sum of all entered event podium ranks)/(total entered events) ) or at least 0 points )

(3) Age-Grade Points

Max 100 points as that is the world record equivalent at that age. That is outright world record is scaled by World Master Athletics (WMA)  age tables to reach the same performance.
It is over 90 when performance is over 90%, over 80 when performance is over 80% etc

Age Grade Points = average WMA number = (sum of WMA age grades)/(total entered events)

(4) Its all combined in one formula

Championship_points = Participation Points +Podium Points + Age Grade Points