There has been a great response to SARRC’s 2018 Triple Crown Series Medal designs.

We have slightly re-worked the way that we run the Triple Crown Series in 2018 and with living the SARRC values as an inclusive club giving everyone an opportunity to run, we not only have the series aimed at completing the 3 half marathons, we now have opened up the series to allow 5km  and 10km distances be included for all runners as well.

When you cross the finish line of your first event at Clare Valley you will receive a medal from that distance and then a medal from the second in the series at Greenbelt and subsequently at the third at  McLaren Vale,  you can put all 3 medals together to create your Triple Crown Series Medal.

3 Medals that fit together!

For the first time, medals will be available across all distances for Clare Valley Half Marathon, 10km, 5km, the Greenbelt Challange 30km, Greenbelt Half Marathon, 10km, 5km, and finally the McLaren Vale Half Marathon, 10km, 5km.

You will love wearing these as much as we’ve enjoyed designing them!

     Clare Valley event medals

     Greenbelt Challenge event medals

     McLaren Vale event medals

     Three medals stacked together.

You don’t even have to complete three events of the same distance for the medals to fit together! 5K Clare will fit with 30K Greenbelt which will fit with 10K McLaren Vale. Even the medals are inclusive!

There is also a Triple Crown Series point system, which is being planned for rollout by Event Strategies (Timing). The details of this will be published when it comes to hand.